Hello, my name is Blake Smith. I build with Umbraco.

Code Writer

Mobile Designer

UI Magician

I'll be speaking at uWestFest this year!

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Certified Umbraco Lover.

I'm a little OCD, very organized and pay attention to the little details. I believe that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication and I hate to over complicate things. No need to reinvent the wheel. My skills range from HTML/CSS to using C# and MVC.

I learn what I need to perform the job quickly and I'm not afraid to ask questions. If you couldn't tell, I specialize in Umbraco development. You could say I'm pretty committed. I'm also a little educated, but I learn best hands on and I'm always looking to learn more.

Trying to get in touch with me?

I'm currently transitioning from city life to colorful Colorado and spending a lot of time outdoors but at the end of the day I'll make it back to a computer.

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